Breakdown of a Relationship

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Breakdown of a relationship is one of the most sensitive legal areas.  At cb4law we believe in helping each client to achieve a workable solution and to build a viable future. As such, we advise and use a conciliatory and constructive approach to do this whilst acting to protect our client's rights, vigorously where appropriate. We follow the Code of Practice laid down by Resolution (formerly Solicitors Family Law Association). more>>

We provide a quality service covering the full spectrum of issues, including children, cohabitation, separation, divorce, civil partnership dissolution and relationship breakdown.   

Dealing with the financial consequences of relationship breakdown is, of course, central to our work.

We also offer an in-house family mediation service for couples. more>>

It is important to understand that cohabitants, no matter how long they have been living together are not afforded the same rights upon the breakdown of the relationship as those which arise on divorce or civil partnership dissolution.

It is advisable for parties who intend to move in together or acquire property together to draw up a list of who paid for what, so that in the event of the relationship breaking down there will be clear evidence of who contributed what and to obtain legal advice including considering entering into a cohabitation agreement. more>>