family mediation

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Most people going through a divorce or separation would rather avoid having to go to court if possible. In addition it is now a requirement that before you issue Court proceedings regarding your children or finances that you undertake a MIAM (Mediation Information Assessment Meeting) to ascertain whether the issues could be resolved through mediation.

If you and your spouse are willing to discuss matters together in a non confrontational manner then family mediation may be the answer for you

Mediators are trained to help people resolve disputes. A mediator will meet with you and your partner together and will identify those issues you can’t agree on and help you to try and reach agreement. Mediators are neutral and will not take sides in any dispute. They are not advisors and will not give advice on your individual position to either of you and will usually recommend that you each obtain legal advice alongside the mediation process.

Mediation can cover issues relating to the children -

where the children will live when parents separate

how the children will share their time between their parnets

how much children will see of members of their extended family

how parents will communicate with each other in the future about their children

and/or issues relating to finances -

how property, pensions and other financial assets are to be divided up

how child support is to be arranged

Mediation is suitable for

married couples

unmarried couples

same sex couples, whether or not in a civil partnership

members of the extended family, eg grandparents who may be finding it difficult to see their grandchildren


At cb4law we are fortunate to have our own in-house experienced National Family Mediation accredited family mediator - Helen Casey.  Helen is currently the only fully trained Advanced Family Mediator in Cambridgeshire.

We can offer both MIAM's and mediation.