Private funding

No-one should suffer anxiety about the costs of our service.  We shall discuss this with you at the outset and regularly review the situation,  We are pleased to tailor our fee structure to your requirements.

Our work is charged at an hourly rate (currently £200) on a time spent basis.  We will normally send you a bill every 2 months.We can accept payment by credit card

We will give you an estimate of costs as well as the options available to you for funding at our initial meeting with you and once we have an idea of what is required.  We will keep your costs estimate updated on a regular basis.  We will be happy to set an upper fees limit if you wish.

We aim to settle disputes by agreement, if possible. This is particularly important where children are involved and can also mean that a settlement is achieved more cost effectively.  In most cases, the degree of disagreement between the parties has a direct bearing on the legal costs incurred by them.

Accordingly, the greater the level of dispute between the parties, the more the matrimonial resources (not only financial) are likely to be depleted  

Special Offers

Initial Interview

We offer an initial 30 minute initial interview for £60 (including VAT) so you can find out where you stand.  Please contact us for an appointment


Fixed fee service for straightforward divorce of £1150 (Solicitors fixed fees £500  + VAT £100 + Court fees £550).  Divorce is a stand-alone process.   It is separate from financial resolution or children matters neither of which are included in this fixed fee offer.  Please note that certain complicating factors may mean this fixed rate cannot be offered, for example if you are unable to produce your marriage certificate or there are difficulties in serving the documents on your spouse.

Legal Aid

We have a contract with the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) to provide advice under the Legal Help scheme if you have been a victim of domestic violence or your case involves child protection issues.  The LAA applies a means and merits test to most applications. You will need to provide us with proof of income or benefits and savings so we can assess your eligibility together with proof of domestic violence or child protection issues.  Please contact us for further information about this.

If you need to go to Court  and you have been a victim of domestic violence or your case involves child protection issues, then depending on your financial circumstances and the nature of your case, legal aid may be available to assist you with the cost of your case.  The LAA applies a "means and merits" test to almost all applications for these levels of funding. We can advise on the merits of your family law case. To check your financial eligibility you can use the eligibility calculator in the legal aid section on the Ministry of Justice website.

If your case concerns money or property, and you keep or gain anything as a result of legal aid in family law proceedings, then you may have to pay back some or all of your legal fees to the LAA under the "statutory charge". We have to keep you regularly updated about the level of your costs (including costs estimates for work still to be done), so you know the likely level of charge you will eventually face.

If you are a parent involved in care proceedings you are entitled to non means/non merit testedlegal aid and the statutory charge does not apply. Children who are involved in care proceedings are also entitled to automatic public funding.   Grandparents involved in care proceedings are not automatically entitled to legal aid and funding is subject to the means and merits test referred to above