Divorce  – do I have grounds, how long will it take and how much will it cost?

Do I  have grounds?
Probably.  We can advise. We take you through the process step by step with the minimum of  fuss

How  long will it take?
3 -  4 months minimum

What  will it cost?
Between  £500 and £750 plus VAT, plus court fees of £350.00

Please  note that the mechanism by which you are granted a divorce  takes no account of financial matters which  will need to be dealt with separately. See "Where do I stand  financially?"

Where  do I stand financially?

This  depends on your personal circumstances and that of your spouse/partner.  Relevant factors include: -
your  respective ages;
the  duration of the marriage/civil partnership/relationship;
the  needs and resources of the parties;
the  requirements of any minor children,

How much will it costs to sort our financial issues?

The  cost of  dealing with financial matters  will depend on the length of time required to achieve a settlement or a Court  Order, which in turn depends on the complexity of the matter, and the degree of  (non) co-operation received from your spouse and his or her legal advisors.

Our  Family Law team at cb4law will always seek to promote a settlement where one  can be achieved voluntarily on reasonable terms to maximise the matrimonial  assets for the benefit of our clients.

Who  gets what?

The  break up of a marriage is a potentially highly charged and emotional time for  all concerned. We offer expert advice as to what is achievable and realistic  and you have the benefit of our support and experience.

Whilst  some couples come to an amicable mutually agreeable settlement between  themselves and only need their legal advisors and the Court to confirm that  what they have provisionally agreed is not manifestly unfair, others find the  whole process bewildering and are not sure what they might be entitled to. We  can help.

Sometimes others act in as uncooperative, obstructive and deceptive a manner as  possible towards their spouse sometimes concealing, reducing or disposing of  matrimonial or business assets. If this is happening to you, then clearly you  need expert and urgent legal advice. An application to the court may be  necessary.

How much will it all cost?

Our  services are charged on a time spent basis and our hourly rate is £185 plus  VAT.  We will give you an estimate of  costs after our initial meeting with you once we have an idea of what is  required and will keep your costs estimated updated on a regular basis. For  further information see our costs page. more >>

I am the victim of Domestic Violence, what can I do?

Everyone has the right not to be harassed or abused.

Unfortunately domestic violence generally takes place in the home in the  absence of witnesses and the police are sometimes not very interested unless  the injuries are quite obvious. If this is happening to you, you should first  ring the police, then seek medical attention and contact cb4law Family Law  Specialists where we can apply to the Court for an injunction to protect you.