Division of assets; pensions; property adjustment orders; property transfers in the context of relationship breakdown

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The break up of a marriage or relationship is a potentially highly charged and emotional time for all concerned. We offer expert advice as to what is achievable and realistic and you have the benefit of our support and experience.

Whilst some couples come to an amicable mutually agreeable settlement between themselves and only need their legal advisors and the Court to confirm that what they have provisionally agreed is not manifestly unfair, others find the whole process bewildering and are not sure what they might be entitled to. We can help as to the sort of Orders the court has power to make and to ensure that pitfalls are avoided so that the Order actually does what you intend.

Our Family Law team at cb4law will always seek to promote a settlement where one can be achieved voluntarily and amicably on reasonable terms to maximise the matrimonial assets for the benefit of our clients.

However sometimes others act in an uncooperative, obstructiveordeceptive manner towards their spouse sometimes whether ccncealing, reducing or disposing of matrimonial or business assets or simply by being reluctant to deal with the financial consequences of relationship breakdown. If this is happening to you, then clearly you need expert and even urgent legal advice. Our Family Law team at cb4law can provide this.

We can advise on the range of options that are available to you in resolving how any assets (including your home and any pensions) which you each own individually or jointly can be divided between you.