Children cases 

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Private law

Our private law family team of Helen Casey and Elizabeth Davies are able to deal with all issues involving your children that arise between you and your partner.  We will place the well being of your children at the forefront of any advice you receive.

If the parties can come to their own reasonable and amicable arrangements regarding contact and residence and schooling of the children, the Courts will not interfere. Sometimes a disagreement about the arrangements for your child becomes inevitable.  The Family Team at cb4law recognise that as the child's parents you are the  best people to make those arrangements.

During the emotionally difficult times following the breakdown of a relationship a child can become a pawn in the disputes between the parents.  Let us help you to resolve your disputes without involving your child.

Public Law/Care proceedings

If  Social Services Department is taking proceedings with a view to bringing children into foster care, or if the Social Services Department is considering such action, our lawyers can bring to bear their vast experience of representing mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, other relatives, foster carers and the children themselves.

In care proceedings, Legal Aid is available as of right to those with parental responsibility, so whatever your financial circumstances, legal representation is free. It is important to be represented by those who understand the complexities of Social Services Departments and the Courts.

Simon Matthews has many years of experience in child care law and is a member of the Law Society's Children Panel. This is a specialist panel of Solicitors accredited by the Law Society.

Simon is also highly experienced in acting on behalf of children in private law proceedings, when the Judge decides the the issues are so complex that the children should have their own legal representation at Court.